Cialis Oral Jelly – Alternative Treatment of Erectile Disorders

tadalafil gelSince erectile dysfunction is an expanding condition that affects an increasing number of males, the quantity of available treatments grows correspondingly. Currently, a well-known vacation pill Cialis is offered in a range of types and forms, including Professional, Super Active+, Soft and others. However, Oral Jelly is among the most appreciated and required alternatives. The medication consists of Tadalafil gel that produces the necessary effect. The treatment features the same lasting effect and usability as its original counterpart, thought the main difference is hidden in faster action. Being an oral jelly, the drug can dissolve quickly and launch the desirable process within 25 minutes after administration. Additionally, Cialis form is commonly used in treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. The medication can also boost exercise capacity in both men and women.

Despite the number of actions Cialis may produce, its impact on impotence is the most valuable. Tadalafil, as an active ingredient of the drug, affects penile muscles and blood circulation, increasing the blood flow to the penis. As a result, a man gets a hard and durable erection that lasts over 36 hours.

Possible Side Effects of Cialis Oral Jelly Misuse

Even though the medication is highly effective and safe, its proper use is halfway to successful treatment. Consult your doctor and learn the safety information primarily to the treatment course. Cialis Oral Jelly is contraindicated for patients allergic to Tadalafil or other ED medications. Certain other health disorders and pharmaceuticals may interact with Cialis, causing serious complications. Make sure you are not likely to experience any abnormalities before the therapy. Ask your healthcare provider to adjust the proper dose, sufficient for the desirable effect, though small for side effects occurrence.

cialis oral jellyCialis misuse and overuse can cause multiple complications, such as nausea, indigestion, heartburn, sour stomach, upper arms, congestion, dry mouth, neck pain, eye pain, priapism and others. Seek emergency medical assistance and stop Cialis intake if any of these symptoms have occurred. Call your doctor in case other abnormalities started bothering you. Severe allergic reactions can appear as a result of the drug overuse, thus, make sure your doctor is appropriate. Start with the lower dose and increase it if the desirable action is not achieved. The average dose of Cialis necessary for a positive effect is 10 mg Tadalafil taken on-demand.

Advantages of Cialis Oral Jelly among Other Cialis Forms and Similar ED Treatments

Comparing Cialis Oral Jelly with its counterparts, one should consider certain features, peculiar to this drug type only. Thus, the main advantages of Oral Jelly Cialis include:

  • Faster action. While it takes up to an hour for original Cialis to activate erectile function, Cialis Oral Jelly promotes first results just within 20-25 minutes after the intake.
  • Milder effect. While traditional Cialis has a great list of contraindications, Cialis Oral Jelly produces a potent impact on erectile disorder, though has no dangerous influence on the other important body functions.
  • Convenient form. The medication is available in multiple flavors that have good taste and are pleasant to take. Besides, the drug suits perfectly those patients who have problems swallowing tablets.